Superior Singing Method Review

Superior Singing Method Review

The Aaron Anastasi Superior Singing Method is a multimedia home training program designed to teach you how to train your voice and sing like a pro, and all from the comfort of your home.

Aaron Anastasi is the founder of the Superior Singing Method. He’s also a famous vocal coach from California and he runs a very popular YouTube channel that has hundreds of thousands of viewers.

His program consists of eight modules that will cover all the important areas of singing and vocal training. Buyers will enjoy a total of fifty singing lesson videos, thirty-one audio vocal exercises, and daily vocal exercise routines. These routines are designed to show the user what steps they need to take in order to improve the quality and sound of their voice.

In this Superior Singing Method review we’ll go over each module, while also discussing the different types of techniques and exercises you’ll be encouraged to do daily in order to strengthen your vocals.

Singing Program Overview

Anastasi teaches his students through audible and video lessons. Each of the daily lessons consists of several vocal audio exercises and one video to perform that will help you to build a daily vocal warm-up routine.

The videos are very professional, as the coach visually performs and explains the exercises in great length for each of the lessons. With the audio files, Anastasi will walk you through each portion, discussing the reason behind each of the exercises and what they can do for your vocals. Each of the audio exercise files is crystal clear and very easy to understand. During the first part of each exercise you’ll perform with Anastasi, so you can be sure that you’re beginning the lesson using the right scale. Having him lead you into the vocal exercise can provide you with more confidence that you’re performing each exercise correctly.

The coach does a great job of teaching listeners how to perfectly execute the exercises, with an emphasis on the importance of warming up the vocals.

This program claims you’ll learn the following:

•    Advanced singing techniques that the pros use for easier, smoother singing
•    Develop an accurate pitch
•    Improved vocal control
•    Improved vocal tone
•    Improved projection and vocal power
•    Develop the ability to jump from note to note, easily

The package includes:

•    Eight weeks of vocal training, with each week consisting of seven lessons on different singing topics.
•    Videos that are short and to the point, which you’ll watch daily.
•    Each day, after a lesson you’ll follow a vocal exercise routine that’s eight minutes long.
•    The full, detailed eBook guide for beginners is perfect for beginners who enjoy reading as opposed to watching the videos.

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Eight Singing Modules

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Week one: The first module is very basic. It discusses the fundamentals of singing, then progresses to mastering vocal tone, breath management, singing with resonance and power, mastering vocal tone, voice strengthening techniques, and finally, improving vocal agility.

Week two: This week focuses on diaphragm breathing and breath management.

Week three: This lesson is all about mastering vocal tone. Users will learn about the different ways to improve tone quality.

Week four: Users will learn how to improve pitch and how to avoid off-key mishaps.

Week five: This module focuses on singing with more power and how to strengthen vocal resonance while maintaining excellent vocal control.

Week six: Users will learn how to sing higher notes without putting a strain on the vocals.

Week seven: This module has a special focus on vocal agility. Vocal agility is the ability to smoothly jump from note to note.

Week eight: The last module about vocal techniques and advanced vocal cord strengthening will teach students how to develop the vibrato technique and how to sharpen vocal quality.

Immediately after purchase, you’ll have access to the member’s area where you can download the lessons and modules. Within each of the modules, you’ll find a number of video and audio lessons. Really, this package comes with a ton of material.

Bonus Material

With the purchase, this package also comes with a few free bonuses.

Bonus module nine discusses performing. The singing coach has written out some important strategies that can help anyone overcome their fears of performing and the problems they may encounter during a performance. This module consists of an eighteen page PDF that’s full of tips that can help you in any type of chaotic situation during a performance.

Bonus module ten is all about music marketing. With this bonus, Anastasi offers some advice on how to promote music and make money. While it does feature some helpful advice, it isn’t very long.

Another bonus is about singing in harmony. Nathan Chapman, who is a two-time Grammy award winner, discusses the basics of how singing in harmony works. With this video, both Anastasi and Chapman sit down with a guitar and walk you through the paces of how to sing in harmony.

The last bonus is called the Complete Superior Singing Manual, which details everything you need to know about becoming a great singer. This guide runs along the course seamlessly, so, if you want more details regarding a certain lesson you can pull out the manual for a more in-depth look.

Important Points to Consider

This is a complete vocal training program. However, you must be dedicated to the exercises, lessons, and practice routines.

If you’re not sure this program is right for you, take a look at the Aaron Anastasi YouTube channel to get a feel for his coaching style.

All of the lessons are suitable for beginners and intermediate singers.

The coach provides separate singing lessons for female and male singers.

So, why are there separate lessons for men and women?

Women and men sing in a different range of pitches, which is why vocal coaches teach men and women differently. Of course, men and women still need to learn the same acoustic and breath management techniques, but the approach is slightly different.

There are differences in the pitches they can sing and for that very reason, the coach offers two sets of lessons. Generally, women don’t need to warm up as long as men do, because the male vocals have such a wide range in their chest voice, while a woman’s vocals switch over to the head voice much sooner.

Vocal Coaching Club

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If you decide to purchase the SSM program and want to continue to improve your singing voice you can sign up for the Vocal Coaching Club.  The first month of the VCC will cost one dollar. Ongoing membership is $19.95 a month.

With a club membership, you’ll receive new videos and singing tips each month. The videos feature advanced breathing techniques, power singing, pitch improvements and a guide to fixing common vocal problems.

If you’re like many singers and have the relentless dedication and drive to hit those high notes and increase your range, then access to the Vocal Coaching Club can be a huge asset considering you’ll enjoy new material and videos every month. Plus, the best part of the club is feedback from Anastasi. Once a month he encourages members to send in an MP3 file or video of their singing for a personal critique. This is a great option for buyers who feel that they need one on one coaching and feedback.

However, you do need to purchase the main course in order to be eligible for membership to the coaching program.

While the main Superior Singing Method is the perfect choice for the beginner, the intermediate singer will love the advanced material, lessons, and techniques that are offered with the monthly membership program.

The advanced program works with intermediate and advanced singers, providing a variety of routines and new techniques and exercises that are designed to continue to strengthen and challenge the vocals.

Members will also get full access to the bonus products: 

•    Vocal health
•    High notes
•    Vibrato

Members will learn how to develop their head voice, how to correct common singing mistakes, and how to improve tone, vocal agility, and pitch.

Superior Singing Method Pros and Cons

Pros:  The SSM program is a revolutionary step by step singing program designed to help anyone improve the quality of their singing voice. The training is designed to expand the vocal muscles that are causing poor pitch. The program’s creator has incorporated very effective vocal exercises that will help to strengthen the vocal cords quickly, for rapid improvement.

You’ll also learn plenty of techniques and tricks that can expand your singing range. The program also teaches you how to get the best tone out of your voice, in addition to how to identify your unique tones.

The in-depth lessons discuss how to eliminate tension in the vocals by following simple techniques that were developed by Anastasi, that will allow you to sing with more confidence and power.

We feel that the program offers plenty of effective vocal exercises that are designed to strengthen the vocals and improve resonance.

First of all, the coach does a great job of covering all the key aspects of singing, from hitting high notes to acquiring vocal agility and gaining more power. Users will also learn how to increase their range, improve their pitch and how to sing for longer periods of time without straining their voice.

Another aspect of the program we enjoyed was its accessibility. You can easily pack up your tablet or laptop and read it anywhere. If you have an internet connection and a pair of headphones handy you can also enjoy the instructional videos when you’re on the go.

The included lessons are very easy to understand, especially since you can watch videos where the instructor himself will teach you by showing you exactly how to do it.

The overall tone of the program is easy going, making each module flow smoothly, so you’ll find that it’s actually fun to watch and participate.

Most buyers reported that they noticed ongoing improvement starting in week two.

We also noted that the structure of the course is very easy to follow, which will motivate you to continue to improve and follow the daily vocal exercises.

Since the program is provided in an electronic format, you’ll receive a download link instantly after your payment has been received.

Lastly, purchasing this program is much more affordable than traditional singing lessons.

The coach also offers a sixty-day money back guarantee if you feel that the program simply didn’t work for you.

Cons: While the coach does a great job of covering every base in order to help you learn the correct way to sing, a real-life vocal coach could help you to perfect your tone or answer any questions you may have regarding vocal exercises or other techniques.

Another issue for some people is the time requirement. The coach stresses the importance of using the program daily. Make sure you’re willing to commit ten to fifteen minutes a day on working to strengthen your vocals in order to experience the best results. Following this program requires discipline and dedication. For some, the amount of material can be overwhelming.

Conclusion and Rating

superior singing method product boxIf you truly want to improve your singing voice, increase your range, and learn important singing techniques that can take your singing career to a whole new level, the Superior Singing Method can be your guide to a better singing voice. You’ll learn the important basics, so you can make real, lasting changes in your singing technique.


By the time you finish this singing course, you’ll feel like you can sing any song in any key. You’ll no longer be afraid of taking on more challenging songs and you’ll have the type of confidence that will allow you to finally perform in front of a crowd.


Overall, we felt that the included lessons and exercises were great. The coach focuses on using techniques that will really help to improve your voice and your confidence. If you’re looking for an online singing lessons program, or you’re searching for ways to improve the quality of your voice, but can’t afford vocal coaching lessons, we highly recommend the Superior Singing Method and give it a rating of five out of five stars.

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