Cubase vs Fl Studio – Comparison & Review

Fl Studio vs Cubase

If you love recording music, you must have contemplated Cubase vs FL Studio at least once in your undertakings. These Digital Audio Work Stations are commonly used for recording, mixing and even mastering different sounds. They tend to have the same features, so which DAW should you choose? Below is a detailed comparison of the two.

Cubase vs FL Studio Interface

Both these DAWS have a sequencer for loading samples, adjusting pitch, filtering, and other sound editing tools. In both cases, it is possible for users to drag and drop their tracks on the editor interface. The interface in both Cubase and FL contains effects racks that include sound effects like reverberation and instrumentals among others.

However, in your exploration of Cubase vs FL studio, you must have found that Cubase’s interface is friendlier for recording and editing. On its part, FL studio does wonders in beat / instrumental creation.In both Cubase and FL studio, the interface is adjustable and can fit on any screen size. Cubase allows users to create tracks and overlap as many patterns as they wish. In stack mode, all your takes will be arranged on a single track side by side. FL studio on its part also has an easy to use interface. It comes with simple tools for editing, midi arrangement and stretching samples to all lengths.


Cubase vs FL studio, which one has superb features for creating quality projects? Both FL Studio and Cubase support shifting, slicing, time stretching, chopping, editing and mixing tracks. However, the mixing engine in Cubase is superior to in FL studio. But again FL studio has its advantages; for instance, the Piano roll feature allows for the creation of instrumental patterns and manipulation of notes.

By the click of a mouse, you can create records, mute them, add shuffle, split or stretch them quickly. FL studio can also import video into its audio interface, but Cubase only works with audio


MIDI Tracks

FL has many samples of MIDI sounds that you can employ in your project just by dragging and dropping. The sampler on FL studio allows you to play around with sounds such as water drop or siren, and you can edit the sample in whatever way you like. For Cubase, the midi tracks embed themselves under audio tracks in the edit console. Midi tracks here are not as high quality as those found in FL studio. Nonetheless, you can use them to enhance your audio clips after recording.


There is now a version 12 of FL Studio. This new version comes with an improved user interface design, an enhanced mixer and updated plugins among other enhancements. All the plugins are seamless, and even beginners can be able to learn the ropes of beat creation mixing. FL’s updates are wonderful, but Cubase has not been left behind either. There is now Cubasis for iPad where music enthusiasts can take their projects on the road. Cubasis has all the MIDI and audio tracks found in the original Cubase program. It also has virtual MIDI which can work with other music apps, a feature that makes good use of Apple’s Inter-App Audio

VST Functionality

Both FL studio and Cubase feature Virtual Studio Technology, a plugin that enables the software to be used in other software. FL Studio or Cubase can be used in other applications as musical instruments. When installing these programs, you will be prompted to set a shared VST folder. This is the directory where other VST capable programs can search and find the Cubase or FL studio

Recommendation and conclusion

Cubase is an efficient DAW. There consensus that this is the best program for easy recording of audio tracks, sequencing, editing and adding effects from the MIDI files. Perhaps the only limitation of Cubase is that a user cannot create additional synthetic sounds.FL studio’s strength is in beat creation. Although this program has similar functionalities as Cubase in regards to sequencing and editing, its most significant highlight is the synthesizer plugin. FL’s sampler also allows a user to rearrange different MIDI sounds to the keys they want. FL Studio receives many updates which improve user experience with this DAW.
In conclusion, Cubase or FL, both are great. Many users work with them both. Strictly speaking though, FL studio stands out as the better DAW between the two.

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